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Creative Language Arts

Be the author of your story

creative language arts


Corinne Love, AZ

Our kids LOVED working with Ganaia. She was so patient,  kind, and experienced in music. She helped each child develop their own unique music skill, and combined them to create a beautiful masterpiece.
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Richard Wolfson, IA

I was amazed at how quickly Ganaia identified exactly what I needed and adjusted the singing exercises to fit my situation. She made the whole experience very fun too. Ganaia's suggestions for my thesis draft made my writing simpler without changing the meaning, and she offered all her suggestions in a very soft, comfortable way.

Lea Sloan, IL

I am thrilled to recommend Ganaia, whose insightful feedback has significantly improved my writing. Her keen eye for detail and narrative structure has been invaluable. Her dedication and passion for writing are truly inspiring.
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Personalized Coaching

At CLA, Ganaia's personalized coaching goes beyond traditional tutoring. Tailored to each student's unique needs and interests, our sessions foster a deep connection with language and storytelling, empowering students to express themselves authentically and confidently in all walks of life.

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Flexible Scheduling

With our flexible scheduling options, learning fits seamlessly into your busy life. Whether it's early afternoons during school hours, late afternoons before dinner on weekdays, or convenient Saturday sessions, I'm here making learning accessible and stress-free.

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Customized Curriculum

Explore the world of language and creativity on your terms with our customized curriculum. Inspired by the "choose your own adventure" narrative approach, our curriculum is play-based and freedom-focused, allowing students to delve into their passions and shape their learning journey through reading and composition of all kinds.

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